Buy or sell a kitchen with Preowned kitchens

At Preowned Kitchens we understand the kitchen is at the heart of a home and it is important to get the right look and feel for you and your family. Because they are so personal, they are usually the first thing to change when you move house. So with so many new kitchens being installed, there is always a good supply of high quality, nearly new or ex-display kitchens on offer at substantial discounts.

Ex display kitchens

Ex-display kitchens are normally still installed in a showroom which needs to make space for new stock. Consequently, they are well care for, unused and tremendous value for money! See what we have available today.

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used kitchens

If a kitchen is carefully dismantled, there is no reason why it cannot be reused! People often change kitchens when they move house, no matter how recently it was installed. Because of this, you can pick up a nearly new kitchen for a fraction of its retail price.

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