One-Sixth Of Couples Over 50 Argue About DIY

Many people might assume that most DIY arguments occur when couples first buy a house, but properties constantly need updating over the years, and older partners are no less prone to disagreeing about home improvement plans than younger ones.

In fact, according to a survey from SunLife, DIY discussions is the biggest cause of tension among couples over the age of 50, with one-sixth coming to conflict about their renovation ideas, an article in Property Reporter revealed.

This comes above money debates, arguments about cleaning, and disagreements about taking up too much room in bed. Only 13 per cent of people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s who have lived with their partner for more than two decades claim they never argue with their loved one at all.

For those who do, non-life products director at SunLife Simon Stanney said: “DIY and home improvements take time and cost money so it is perhaps no wonder this is a cause of friction. “

He also said one in five people over 55 do not have as much money as they had hoped by this point in their lives. Therefore, “it is no surprise that, if money is tight, it can cause arguments”.

One way to update your house while still watching the pennies is to buy a pre-owned kitchen for your home. This enables you to have a change of design without having to spend a huge amount of your retirement fund.

Another benefit of doing this is it reduces your environmental impact, with sustainability marked as one of the top kitchen trends of 2019, according to House Beautiful.

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