How To Cut Costs Of A New Kitchen

A new kitchen is likely to be one of your home’s biggest expenses, but alongside the idea to buy an ex display kitchen, there are plenty of ways to make savings and still get the look and functionality you desire. Try these ideas from Real Homes on for size.

First up, consider what you could keep from your existing kitchen. It may be possible that worktops can be re-cut and used in a new kitchen, and your old cabinetry could even be used in a space like the utility room to save further expenditure.

Just because you no longer love or want your kitchen, doesn’t mean someone else won’t. Let Preowned Kitchens know about your kitchen, and they may be able to sell it to a new owner, helping you to fund your next kitchen design.

You can also mix and match to get what you want within budget. If you’re set on a particular island design, why not commission that from a bespoke designer, and supplement with contrasting cabinetry elsewhere that is preowned or from a more off-the-shelf retailer.

Choosing end-of-line kitchens is a great way to also make savings – and you can often find these from preowned kitchen retailers too.

While extensions are popular at the moment, any ways to rethink the space without making structural changes will bring the price down. Creating a kitchen dining space will help free up a little extra space compared to separate rooms, which may leave you a little to play with for a utility room for example.

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