How To Work Colour Blocking Into Your Preowned Kitchen

An enduring trend in kitchen design is colour blocking, the use of two or more bold shades brought in to complement each other perfectly.

The kitchen is actually one of the best places in the house to attempt this look because it’s relatively easy to achieve, thanks to the fact that you’ve got countertops and cabinets to work with, as well as bare walls… so a lot of the hard work is already done for you!

Take a look at recent fashion catwalks for a few ideas as colour blocking really came to the fore for fashionistas a few years ago. Mixing bright paint with bold flooring options and upholstery can really bring your space alive, injecting it with a true sense of personality and dimension.

If you’d rather not paint your kitchen cupboards and are happy with the white or wood finish that they’ve come with, look to the walls to achieve your colour blocking look. A bright emerald green would look lovely and will really transform your space with ease.

Don’t be afraid to mix colours that don’t usually go together, however, as colour blocking often goes for serious contrast in order to achieve a very striking effect. Use neutrals to advantage here, though, bringing the brighter colours down a little so you’re not overpowered by it all.

If you have any architectural breaks like cabinets, bookcases or fireplaces in the room you want to colour block, you can use these to your advantage as they’ll naturally define big blocks of colour.

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