4 Top Tips To Improve Your Kitchen Lighting

You want the lighting to be beautiful & practical in your kitchen but it can be difficult to get it just right. Here are some top tips to help you out!

4 Top Tips To Improve Your Kitchen Lighting

The way you choose to light your home is important and the different lighting options out there can really make or break the feeling of a room. When it comes to kitchens, you need your lighting to be both beautiful and practical, since this is a hard-working part of the house with a lot of hustle and bustle… so here are some wise words from the Preowned Kitchens team to help you get it right from the outset.

Think first

Sit down and decide what you’re going to be using this part of the house for and which parts of the room will be used for which tasks. The room will probably be used for entertaining, homework and office work as well as for eating so your lighting choices should reflect this.

Don’t forget about task lighting

Look at your food prep zones – how well lit are these? The best way to go about making sure you can see what you’re doing

when wielding sharp knives is to put strip lights or LEDs under your kitchen cabinets to make everything a bit brighter.

Mood lighting is a must

When having friends round for dinner, you’ll want to create a lovely warm and inviting atmosphere – which mood lighting is perfect for. Keep the light soft with lamps here and there – but do make sure that it’s bright enough for people to see what they’re eating.

What about feature lighting?

You can create an even nicer atmosphere with some accent or feature lighting, which can help draw the eye around the room. You could do this with LEDs around your island worktop or even some lights in the floor.

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