5 Quirky Items You Need For Your Kitchen

If you've just bought an ex-display kitchen and are looking for the finishing touches to top off the look, then check out these 5 quirky kitchen items...

5 Quirky Items You Need For Your Kitchen

If you’ve recently purchased an ex-display kitchen, then buying some unique utensils would add some character to your house. We’re not talking about the ordinary designs that people would buy, but those that could – and would – instantly put a smile on anybody’s face or make them laugh for how brilliant it is.

Here are five quirky items you need for your kitchen.

Never-soggy cereal bowl

How many times have you poured your cereal in the morning only to be distracted by something and come back to find it soggy? If it’s not happened to you, then the kids have most certainly experienced it before.

That’s easily avoidable with these bowls, which helps to keep cereal and milk separate up until the point where you want to mix them together. You know what the best part about these bowls is? They come in either a medium or large size, so they’re perfect for both kids and adults.

Loch Ness Monster ladle

Considering how often a ladle is going to be submerged in a liquid-based dish, it makes sense to own one that is designed with the Loch Ness Monster in mind. You know it’ll put a smile on your face the moment you see how adorable it is – that’s not to mention the option to choose one in different colours.

If you already own one for yourself, then it could be the perfect gift idea for a relative or even friends.

Bear-shaped bottle opener

Everyone has been in that scenario where they have a beer in one hand and they are scrambling to find a bottle opener with the other. It’s easy to misplace such an item, and if you’re planning to hold a party or drinks with friends, then you don’t want to be caught out in the occasion and be forced to use another object to open bottles.

The bottle opener can be installed on the wall and it can be an instant access point for anyone looking to open their beer. In fact, if you position it above your bin, then you don’t need to worry about finding beer lids scattered all over your kitchen floor.

Samurai kitchen knife set

There’s no doubt that you’ll be using knives often in the kitchen. You might even look at some of the more ordinary sets available, but why not mix it up and buy a samurai-themed version instead?

Even the handles are shaped like katana swords, with each one coming with its very own case. You will no doubt feel like a samurai from feudal Japan as you prepare to cut your way through different vegetables.

Cookie Monster mug

This one will be an instant hit with the kids, who will be able to have milk and carry their cookies in the bottom of the Cookie Monster mug’s mouth. You might find that it becomes a go-to cup for the adults, too, especially as they can carry their favourite biscuit and brew all at the same time.

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