Check Out These Splash Back Ideas

We tend to use tiles to protect the splashback area just behind the hob, but there are a great number of ways that you can protect the area. Find out more.

Check Out These Splash Back Ideas

If you want to buy a pre-owned kitchen, have you thought about making it your own with a stylish splashback?

Whereas people would frequently have used tiles to protect that notorious area just behind the hob, there are a great number of ways that you can spruce up your kitchen with these splash back ideas.


The use of metallic has crept out from fashion into our homes, and while rose gold and copper are uber trendy right now, you can also go for more classic, and cheaper looks with gold and silver colours. How about hammered tin for example?

Black and purple

These bold colours are also very popular right now. Black is being paired with white in classic, kitchens or even with gold to give an art deco look of decadence. For purple, think of Le Cruset style aubergine colours to get an idea of how deep this colour needs to be to work.


While they are old fashioned tiles still have their place. Consider unusual shapes, and even curves in your tiles to make sure you have a stand out design in your kitchen.


There is always room for this classic, and the monochrome look hasn’t gone away. If you can keep lines clean and chic and commit to always, always having your surfaces clear, this is the kind of kitchen your friends will want to come and be wined and dined in. Don’t say we didn’t want you.

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