How To Find The Best Range Cooker

If you can’t make an integrated oven work with your pre-owned kitchen, a great option is a range oven! Here is how to find the right range oven to suit you!

How To Find The Best Range Cooker

When you buy an ex display kitchen, you may be looking at buying cabinetry alone. With this in mind, how and where you incorporate an oven is important. If you can’t make an integrated oven work with your pre-owned kitchen, another great option for a modern, luxurious cooker is a range oven.

Before you plan your space, there are a few important things to know, and Expert Reviews have the perfect checklist, as well as some recommendations on products to look at.

When it comes to price, a range is slightly more expensive proportionally to an oven of the same spec and level, and prices generally start at around £600, up to regions of £20,000. The more you spend in general the better quality and the longer it will last.

Size-wise, 90cm wide is the most popular for models, which will feature the main oven, a secondary oven and separate grill. 110cm and 100cm are also popular, but sizes can range overall from micro ranges at 50cm all the way up to 150cm.

As you’re going beyond basic with a range cooker, the oven is likely to come with some more unusual features, but before you get caught up on special pizza cooking mode or the like, it’s better to prioritise multiple cavities and a varied burner arrangement if possible.

Also consider how easy it is to clean. Pyrolytic cleaning settings and catalytic linings will make grease much easier to remove, but often come at a premium. At minimum, look for enamel coatings inside for an easy to clean finish.

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