How To Light Your Kitchen

If fittings and electrics need to be installed, you should think about your lighting scheme at the start of planning for your new kitchen. Read more here!

How To Light Your Kitchen

After you buy a preloved kitchen, you’ve got to sit down and think long and hard about what lighting solutions you want to include in the final design. It’s essential that you do get this right as the kitchen is one of the hardest-working parts of the house and you need it to have both form and function.

In actual fact, you should think about your lighting scheme at the start of planning for your new kitchen, since fittings and electrics will need to be installed at the beginning before you go for plastering, decorating and the actual installation of your kitchen cabinets and worktops.

You should consider zoning your lighting options based on what you intend to do in various parts of the kitchen. So, for example, you should have task lighting installed where you’re likely to be cutting vegetables, cooking and doing the washing up. And then where

you intend to sit and enjoy your food as a family or with guests, think about having more ambient lighting options instead.

Tuneable lights are a really big trend right now, similar to a dimmer switch but more sophisticated, allowing you to control the light levels incredibly easily at home, so perhaps think about this as an option for your kitchen as well.

Or you could go for sensor-operated lights if you’re after something high tech and truly 21st century. These are really practical because you can turn lights on and off without even having to touch the light switch so there’s no need to wash your hands each time – just wave your hand in front of the sensor and away you go.

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