Informal Dining Influencing Kitchen Design

Interior designer Brian Woulfe has spoken about how the popularity of informal dining is having an influence on what kitchens we buy. Find out more here!

Informal Dining Influencing Kitchen Design

What kind of space do you want to design around the ex display kitchen you’re buying? Are you thinking of something sleek and contemporary, or are you drawn to the idea of a rustic country kitchen?

The Independent recently spoke to interior designer and founder of Designed by Woulfe Brian Woulfe, who said that the popularity of informal dining is having an influence on the types of kitchens we’re buying.

He described informal dining as “the new black”, adding that we are “embracing this familiar and relaxed approach to eating in the home”.

As a result, island counters have become a sought-after feature in many kitchens, where families want to have an alternative to traditional, formal dining. Kitchens are also increasingly seen as family-centric spaces, where everyone can come together to discuss their days, eat their dinner and interact on a personal level.

This room is also serving more purposes than just being a place to cook – it’s where we’re eating, doing homework and we’re even using it as a makeshift home office, Mr Woulfe noted.

If that’s the kind of atmosphere you want to foster in your kitchen, a wide island or baker’s table with bar stool seating is the ideal option.

As well as thinking about features like an island, you also need to consider the likes of lighting to ensure that your kitchen is functional at every time of the day or night. You may also want to consider hiding appliances that aren’t used every day to remove clutter from the sides and give you more space.

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