Mary Berry: ‘I Only Eat In My Kitchen’

Mary Berry said that since moving home, she'd convinced the family to give up the dining room space and only eat in the kitchen. Read more details here.

Mary Berry: ‘I Only Eat In My Kitchen’

If there’s one reason to prioritise purchasing a great quality ex display kitchen, it’s that you really will spend a lot of your time in it. The kitchen is the heart of the home, so poor quality isn’t an option if you want a great space for entertaining that will stand the test of time, and you may just be underestimating how much you’ll actually eat in the kitchen.

You may think the older generation is more dedicated to the tradition of a sit down meal in the dining room, but that might not be the case, if everyone’s favourite grandmotherly figure is to be believed.

Yes, according to an article on The Telegraph, even Mary Berry is rejoicing in the demise of the dining room and only eats her meals in the kitchen.

Speaking at The Cheltenham Literature Festival, Mary said that since moving

home, she’d convinced the family to give up the dining room space: “We’ve given up our dining room, finally,” she says. “I don’t think my husband really agrees with me but I said we use it at Christmas time and occasionally for having people round.”

Instead, Mary focuses on making the kitchen as homely and comfortable as possible, and has made dressing up her kitchen for guests into a fine art.

So, while the dining room might once have been the palce where the most important family conversations took place, it’s clear that for many in this busy modern world, a more casual form of dining has become the new normal.

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