‘More Colour’ Entering UK Kitchens

These days people are opting to have a bit more fun with things like the colours of the walls and the tiles of kitchens. Read on to find out more details.

‘More Colour’ Entering UK Kitchens

When you’re looking to buy an ex display kitchen, you’re probably looking for work surfaces, cupboards and appliances that are timeless. After all, kitchens aren’t cheap to renovate and you don’t want to have to replace everything just because it goes out of style.

But while it’s sensible to opt for a neutral design for your kitchen units, you are free to have a bit more fun with things like the colours of the walls and the tiles.

The Independent recently spoke to Houzz editor and writer Mitchell Parker, who identified more colour in kitchens as a top interiors trend to watch in 2018.

“Homeowners are shying away from bland hues and injecting rich colours, such as warm wood tones (eg, mahogany) and neutrals (eg, greys and blues), into the space to give it a warm, fresh, unique feel,” he asserted.

Mr Parker added that social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram are showing people just what’s possible when it comes to their interior decor, and giving them the confidence to try more exciting ideas.

When you’re shopping for a sink for your new kitchen, you might want to move away from white or stainless steel, he noted, with more people opting for kitchen sinks in stone, concrete, copper and granite composite.

This is another way in which people are trying to personalise their homes through their interior choices, he said.

Given that the state of the property market in the UK currently means that more of us are choosing to stay in our homes and improve, rather than go through the upheaval of moving, there could be a greater emphasis on changing the design of important rooms like the kitchen to revamp a home.

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