Spacious And Functional L-Shaped Kitchens

If you are looking to buy a kitchen in an L-shaped style, we have put together the ideas of three modern design trends here on our blog for you to consider.

Spacious And Functional L-Shaped Kitchens

Owning a dream kitchen is quite a subjective affair. It involves a harmony between the occupants aesthetic tastes and the functionality determined by the space itself. An L-shaped layout, which is rocking many interior design forums at the moment, offers a multitude of advantages. Firstly they look fantastic in smaller kitchens, are highly functional and provide enough open space to cook alongside friends or family at dinner parties. Not to mention the wide range of furniture designs that you can choose between, which fit easily into this kitchen shape.

For all of you who would like to buy an ex display kitchen in an L-shaped style, we have put together the ideas of three modern design trends, so as to show what can be possible in such a dream kitchen space.

Surrounded By Nature

Kitchen extensions, which combine the benefits of a conservatory with an enlarged kitchen space, work particularly well with L-shaped kitchen formats. Who would not like to sit in their kitchen and enjoy the view of their garden or indoor plants at breakfast time? Materials which harmonise with this interior/exterior space include wood, natural stone and pastel colours, which give the room a wonderful freshness.

Minimalism and Modernity

If you classify yourself as a minimalist, but still seek an elegant touch

to the design of your kitchen, a number of aesthetic techniques common in ex display kitchens will suit your style. Examples include neutral colours such as gray and white, and equipment which is characterised by a simple design that does not require any decoration.

With the colour white you have numerous possibilities to beautify your own kitchen with individual details and a colourful focal points. In our example, utilising industrial-style hanging lamps, reminiscent of an urban factory or workshop, and hanging a quirky blackboard to write recipes, sayings or small notes, turns a minimalist space into fully-functional & slightly retro style.

Deep Colours

Even if you tend to favour more neutral colours, kitchens sometimes need an additional intense colour to spark imagination and creative cuisine. This is where fiery reds contrasted with matt blacks which work well with exposed brickwork elements in modern studio kitchens. Neutral colours adapt well to calm environments and thus appear particularly harmonious, but adding an intense mustard-coloured bar chair to the counter creates a wonderful colour accent. A mix that is harmonious and inviting!

At Preowned Kitchens we understand the kitchen is at the heart of a home and it is important to get the right look and feel for you and your family. For more information on how to buy an ex display kitchen from Preowned Kitchens, please view the Kitchens For Sale section of our site, or contact us today.

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