Top Features To Remember When Redesigning A Kitchen

A range of professionals have offered their advice on how to decorate your kitchen once the functional elements have been taken care of. Find out more here!

Top Features To Remember When Redesigning A Kitchen

If you’re going to revamp your kitchen this year there will a be a multitude of things you’re thinking about, from the type of work surface you’d like to the size of your cupboards. But a number of interior design experts have offered their advice on the things that can easily get overlooked, but that you shouldn’t forget when redoing your kitchen.

Speaking to Dwell, a range of professionals offered their advice on everything from how to use space effectively to how to decorate the room once the functional elements have been taken care of.

Before you buy an ex display kitchen, make sure you think about the layout of your current kitchen and whether this can be improved.

If yes, take the time to find units and a setup that works better for you and your family. At the same time, Dan Brown,

from Hufft, recommended thinking about “what is hidden away as much as what is visible”.

This includes finding a dedicated space for appliances that would otherwise clutter up your countertop, giving you somewhere they can be “out of sight and out of mind when not in use”.

Lighting is another thing that many people don’t give enough time to, according to Risa Boyer, of Risa Boyer Architects. She said that the kitchen is the one room where ambient, task and accent lighting should all be used, and failing to think about this at the design stage can mean that it doesn’t work as it should or properly accentuate the finished design.

Another thing to think about at the early stages of a kitchen revamp is the cost, with a new study from Velux recently finding that one-third of people planning major home renovation projects this year haven’t properly costed them.

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