Why You Don’t Need An Open-Plan Kitchen

More and more people seem to be opting for open plan kitchens these days but this type of layout isn't right for every household. Find out why here...

Why You Don’t Need An Open-Plan Kitchen

Open-plan kitchens have become all the rage. Many people love having a space where they can cook and interact with friends or family in the living room at the same time. However, for some the idea of a separate kitchen and living room is still preferable.

A recent article on Treehugger made the case for having a closed kitchen – and it’s quite compelling. You may want to consider this when you decide to buy an ex-display kitchen and go down this route rather than opening everything up.

Among the reasons to go for a closed kitchen is that it means you’ve got somewhere to hide all the appliances and gadgets you use when you’re cooking.

You may not want to see your microwave out of the corner of your eye when you’re watching TV, for instance.

The news provider also noted that a return to closed kitchens is a sign the people understand their needs a little better. For many people, cooking is a functional task, not one that’s a display. That means being tucked away in a separate room is preferable to being in a place where everyone can see you.

Other reasons to consider a closed kitchen are to reduce the numb

er of cooking smells drifting around your home, as well as the noise. It can also make cooking more efficient, because in closed kitchens things tend to be closer together.

Having a closed kitchen doesn’t mean you have to give up on style either. There are a host of kitchen design trends you can embrace regardless of where your cooking space is. In terms of materials, top trends at present include metallics – and particularly copper – as well as brighter colour schemes.

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