Would You Rather Improve Than Move?

New research has revealed that 59 per cent of homeowners intend ro stay put and carry out home improvement works instead of moving home. Find out more here.

Would You Rather Improve Than Move?

We all know that moving home is a stressful process, and it would seem that due to the increasing costs of buying a new property, more and more of us are deciding to stay in our current abodes and make them nicer.

New research from Lloyds Bank recently revealed that 40 per cent of homeowners in the UK are not looking to move in the near future, with 59 per cent of them stating that they intend to carry out home improvement works instead, Property Wire reported.

This could involve replacing a tired, old kitchen. But given that 22 per cent of people hoping to move cited the costs as the main barrier, it’s worth looking for ways to keep the expense of renovations down too, without compromising on quality.

This is where buying an ex display kitchen can be ideal, as it allows you to revamp your kitchen with a high-end set of units and appliances, but at a lower cost than buying brand new.

When you do come to sell your home, having a new kitchen in place is likely to make it more appealing to prospective buyers too.

Given that last month Ideal Home reported on a survey from Comparethemarket.com, which found that kitchens are the most popular rooms to renovate among UK homeowners, this is a good place to begin if you want to revamp your current home.

The news provider noted that 24 per cent of families plan to enhance their kitchen next, while 20.9 per cent will focus on the bathroom.

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